Silicone Rubber Materials We Can Recycle

At ECO USA, we collect silicone rubber for recycling in a variety of package sizes and in truckloads or less than truckload quantities. Below you’ll find information about the materials we collect. If your factory produces a similar material stream, we’d love to speak with you about recycling, it’s the eco-friendly choice.

To get started, request a free plant analysis. Once we determine your material stream is suitable for recycling, we’ll help with setting up a recycling program that is custom to your plant’s needs. Our pickup services are also free of charge.

Please note we are not equipped for post-consumer silicone recycling at this time but have plans to do so in the future.

Silicone Runners & Byproducts

Wide Spec Silicone

Expired / Obsolete Silicone Inventory

Other Recyclable Silicone Stream

expired, surplus silicone oil recycling


Not sure if your silicone material stream fits our collection criteria? Contact us today!