Types Of Silicone Oils We Recycle

We collect and recycle a wide variety of wide-spec, used, expired and surplus silicone oil, polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). Additionally, we collect various types of silicone fluids such as silicone emulsions, silicone heat transfer fluids, silicone brake fluids, silicone transformer oil, and more. Here are some common silicone materials we collect:

Dow Corning XIAMETER™ PMX-200, PMX-561, SYLTHERM
Wacker AK Series PDMS
Momentive ELEMENT 14
Shinetsu KF Series PDMS
*Other brands and models welcome.

If you have a steady stream of silicone oil you believe is recyclable, contact us to see if your material can be recycled in our plant. We love to help you reduce your carbon footprint and help you move toward being carbon neutral.

We are also on the look out for wide-spec, expired, or surplus liquid silicone rubber (LSR), silicone sealant (RTV), HTV, GUM, and other silicone related raw materials.

expired, surplus silicone oil recycling

Learn more about the types of silicone rubber we collect.

All silicone materials we collect are recycled in our plant. The fluids are chemically broken down, throughly filtered, and polymerized again into PDMS silicone oil. We then introduce this material back into production streams nationwide. Learn more about how our recycling process works.