Expired silicone fluid, oil, and liquid

Expired Silicone Fluids & Oils Collection & Processing

ECO USA collects and recycles expired silicone fluids and oils. This includes a variety of silicone fluids for various applications including silicone transformer oils, silicone emulsions, silicone based heat transfer fluids, and more. We also collect other expired silicone liquids such as liquid silicone rubber, room temperature vulcanizing silicones, high temperature vulcanizing silicones, and other related products. If it’s made primarily of silicone, there’s a good chance we can take it off your hands.

Contact us if you have surplus, used, or expired silicone liquids. Due to logistical reasons, we are unable to pick-up small quantities of expired silicone materials. We generally only picking up materials with volumes above 1 metric ton.

Learn more about the types of expired silicone fluids we collect.

A question we get asked quite often is what happens to the expired silicone fluids we collect? The short answer is that it enters our recycling plant located in West Virginia, USA where it recycled into polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), a common type of silicone oil used in the manufacturing of all sorts of products.

The long answer is quite complex. When the expired silicone fluid arrives at our recycling plant, a series of testing is done to determine if the fluid can be safely processed via our recycling process. Each drum and tote that enter our gates must be meticulously tested.

Different material streams are dealt with differently so this article will only cover our general recycling process for expired silicone fluids. We generally recycle surplus silicone fluids the same way.

If the expired silicone material clears testing, they move forward onto the next step which is chemical cracking. The expired silicone fluid is poured into our chemical reactors for high temperature heating with catalysts to completely break it down. The resulting liquid is dimethylcyclosiloxane (DMC), this is the basic material for producing silicone oil.

The production of DMC is only the first stage of the silicone recycling processing. The same liquid will enter our chemical reactors two more times and go through a series of fine filter filtration before it becomes good enough for commercial use. Click here to learn more about our entire silicone recycling process.

As all expired and surplus silicone fluids are throughly destroyed, let us know if you require a certificate of destruction for the silicone materials you send us.