We Collect Used, Expired, and Surplus Silicone Rubber & Silicone Oil

We love getting to know recyclers, traders, and chemical surplus companies even though we maybe in completely different markets. Whether you deal with plastic, paper, metal, glass, oil or chemicals, ECO USA believes in building a strong network of people in the recycling industry. This is the best way to help each other and to share resources to maximize each others efforts.

Do you ever come across silicone rubber or silicone oils (PDMS) you believe can be recovered? Often times, silicone rubber is molded over plastic and metals to produce a product. Silicone oil is also often used as an additive in plastics, paints and other chemicals to improve characteristics. If you’re already collecting from an account but are not collecting their silicone stream, doing so maybe a great way to maximize your profit margins.

Work with ECO USA. We are always looking for additional streams of silicone for recycling. Please make sure the stream you have is 100% silicone as we currently do not have the resources to collect co-mingled streams that require sorting.

Here’s a link to examples of silicone rubber we currently collect.

Here’s a link to examples of silicone oil (PDMS) we currently collect.

Even if you do not have access to any silicone materials, contact us and let us know what types of material you can handle. There’s a good chance we will come across something you need. Let’s work together to forge a mutually beneficial relationship that is also good for our environment.