Work with ECO USA to achieve your carbon neutrality goals. The term “carbon neutral” refers to having a net zero carbon footprint. Simply put, the carbon dioxide emissions your company produces are fully balanced by your company’s actions to remove carbon from the environment.

1. Send ECO USA Silicone Scrap To Recycle

One of the most straight forward ways to becoming carbon neutral is through recycling. By sending ECO USA expired, used, obsolete, and left-over silicone materials for recycling, you’re helping reduce the amount of landfill materials and lowering carbon emissions.

Manufacturing virgin silicone from silicon quartz is complicated and requires a tremendous amount of energy. On the contrary, recycling silicone is a much simpler process and requires less energy. The difference in carbon emissions between manufacturing virgin grade silicone and recycling it can therefore be used to offset your company’s overall carbon emissions.

2. Manufacture An Eco-Friendly Product With ECO USA

Another great way to lower and offset your carbon emissions is to introduce our industrial grade DMS-300 silicone oils into your product stream. The silicone oil we produce from our proprietary silicone recycling process is not only very high in quality, it is manufactured with a much lower carbon footprint compared to virgin grade PDMS. Therefore, using ECO USA’s silicone oil is a great way to reduce your company’s carbon emissions, to lower your manufacturing costs, and to show your customers you truly care about the environment.

Let us know if you require a specific type of silicone fluid or any particular specification needs to be met, we’d love to work closely with you to produce eco-friendly products.

Contact us now to see how we can help you achieve carbon neutrality.