We collect reject and excess silicone rubber

We collect all sorts of recyclable, cured and uncured silicone rubber from numerous manufacturers of silicone products worldwide. For example, we work closely with manufacturers of baby bottles and pacifiers, automotive harnesses and gaskets, and medical parts and tubing to pickup their reject and excess silicone rubber materials. We also collect surplus or expired liquid silicone rubber compounds.

Instead of throwing these materials away where it is landfilled or incinerated, send them to ECO USA for recycling. It’s a great way of reducing your carbon footprint and a large step toward being carbon neutral.

For many of the manufacturing plants we work with, our collection system actually works to save them time and money.

Reject materials we collect can be silicone rubber products that were made incorrectly or do not meet specifications. Excess silicone rubber materials include edges, corners, and sides that are removed from the final product and thrown away. These “runners” or “cutoffs” are excellent raw materials we need for our recycling process. Learn about how silicone rubber is recycled.

Additionally, we take obsolete liquid silicone rubber (LSR) including expired and partially used drums or totes that you not longer need. If you have other types of cured or uncured silicone rubber in other packaging not mentioned here, contact us to see if we can recycle it.

Below are some pictures of recyclable silicone rubber materials we currently collect from manufacturers throughout the world.