Expired Surplus Liquid Silicone Rubber

We Collect Surplus / Expired Liquid Silicone Rubber For Recycling

We collect all types and brands of surplus or expired liquid silicone rubber (LSR) for recycling. We work closely with numerous silicone molders around the country and collect both cured and uncured silicone rubber in full and partial drums. Often times, the expired liquid silicone rubber we collect are bundled with excess silicone rubber such as runners, trimmings, and cut-offs.

We recycle all types of liquid silicone rubber using various curing systems including platinum-cured, condensation-cured, and peroxide-cured. The most common type of LSR material we collect is platinum-cured. Platinum-cured liquid silicone rubber comes in two parts, part A and part B. The two parts are combined to form cured silicone rubber. Wether you have both parts or just one part of the LSR, we can collect it!

The image above shows left over liquid silicone rubber in small bags. We often receive LSR material in this format. During the production process, suction tubes are used to pull LSR out of drums as part of the molding process. However, as LSR is very sticky, a lot of LSR material is stuck onto the bags or sides. Instead of throwing this material away, we always encourage silicone rubber molders and product manufacturers to hold on to these materials. Collect enough of this material and we can pick it up for free!

While our silicone recycling process is quite complex, it’s also very robust in the sense that we can take all sorts of silicone materials. All silicone materials we collect are broken down in large chemical reactors using high temperature heating. The polydimethylsiloxane content is extracted and then further processed into silicone oil, the raw material used in numerous commercial applications. Click here to learn more about our silicone recycling process.